keys with kelly

for the last couple of years, we have been fortunate enough to overlap our keys vacation with kelly's. this girl is a hoot! we enjoyed catching up while breathing in the salty air and drinking our weight in tropical drinks. (i am currently on a pina colada detox) the reminiscing was endless, especially with our children. we've had quite the adventures over the years. 

good friends are hard to come by and this girl is one of the best! 

of course i took a coup pictures ;)

enjoyed the signature keys sunsets
 where is the time going? 
how are they this grown up?
ten pounds of sunscreen, frozen pina coladas, plantain chips and a watermelon;
 the makings for a perfect afternoon at sombrero beach.
(my phone will ring for this picture)

bennett and jeff (plus the boat) arrived in time to spend time on the water.
bennett and kelly were dive buddies.
we explored sandbars way outside of my comfort zone.
see the shore line?

how has all this growing up happened so fast?

our kids can find humor in anything!
even shucking corn for our fish fry was a comedy routine.

 and what would a visit with kelly be if it didn't involve a chicken? simple since they run loose all over key west!

on our last night, we enjoyed a rare date night with our husbands.  the pictures are on kelly's camera. we also realized we never took a picture of all the kids together.
i demand a do-over!

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