on the road again...

thoughts of packing again... geesh! not that we are great world travelers, just with summer school and work, our summer travel was compressed on top of each other.  next on our agenda; camp honey!

my girls and my sister's kids look forward to this vacation like none other! liza and mary claire have been talking on the phone, making lists, begging for trips to the dollar store to 'get ready.' a little excited. i have a wedding friday and saturday, so this puts me leaving a day later.  my plan is to be thankful  for a washing machine at the mountain house, a wal-mart down the street and pack the morning before i leave. i work better panic stricken, sweating, screaming, threatening... under pressure ;)

big plans for the week include;
kissing all over this girl!
i've already started!
can't you tell she loves it ;)

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