spilled milk and whatnot

last night, unbeknownst to me, mary claire got up for a glass of milk. it didn't take long before i knew she was out of bed. an entire gallon of milk ~ brand new with the seal intact ~ all over everywhere. and we had approximately 4 paper towels left. we never fuss over accidents, just a heavy sigh for all the late night clean up. oh and the kitten thought her mother had exploded.
a few phone dumps 
mary claire came from camp with the stomach bug..
i decided i am a mcdonald's coffee snob ;) oxymoron?
 a few left over from florida
 the world's tiniest cup of coffee.
mary claire makes peach cobbler entirely by herself!
and this sign at dunkin doughnuts bugged the dickens out of me... at tip jar at a drive thu.
exceptional service for taking my money and handing me a $4 cup of coffee? what would be considered to not be exceptional service?
{happy hump day}

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