world changers (pt.1)

it's been a wild, exhausting and very rewarding week. we came straight home from vacation and went in all different directions. jeff flew out for a meeting, mary claire is at GA camp and the big kids and i are in franklin, north carolina at world changers.

this is anna katherine and my first experience on a world changer trip. anna katherine is on a painting crew and bennett is on a building crew... loving every minute. in my mind i thought i would be placed on a painting crew... being female and a newbie. maybe they heard about my awful, terrible painting skills and decide to put me on a roofing crew. roofing. really climbing high ladders, ripping off shingles, hammering and sweating like a man. there is absolutely zero gender discrimination here. girls work like boys and women work like men. 

lots more to come, but i need an advil,and and it's time for worship.

Meghan and Stuart Ray said...

My first (and only) year going to World Changers, I was put on a roofing crew as well! It was definitely an eye opener for me!

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