world changers

world changers was a great experience. as i mentioned, we came straight off vacation. in less than 24 hours our entire family was traveling in different directions. mary claire was off to her first trip to camp. i wanted so badly to drop her off, walk her to her cabin and help get her bunk ready. but jeff flew out the same morning and i was already ruffling some feathers having to leave one day early from world changers. so the sweet mom's from my church made sure my little camper was dropped off and taken care of. they even texted me this sweet picture at drop off.

 on friday she ran down the hill,  so excited to tell me every last detail about camp lavida.
God is so good!

 we were off to frankiln north carolina for five solid work days. when i was asked to chaperon, heck yeah i wanted to go! i had heard wonderful things about this program, not to mention my son still talks about his trips. then i realized with jeff out of town, all of our child care would be away, which would leave anna katherine home alone. our youth pastor, who is fabulous, made a few calls and got anna katherine approved (which to my surprise, also ruffled feathers) the majority of projects were completed by thursday, so kevin was good with me leaving a day early to pick up my orphan camper ;) 

bennett absolutely loves this youth trip better than any. i thank God for all of the christian role models he encounters on this trip. anna katherine was over the moon with the program. she ht the jackpot with sweet leaders. wc allows you the chance to work with other christians from churches all over. there were churches from as far away as texas. and no i did not take this picture, but i did have some fun!

 on top of meeting new people, i was able to spend quality time with our high school girls. i learned so much about them, and even more about the adults. 


our day started extra early! 
breakfast was at 6am. we stayed in a middle school. the social studies room to be exact. this teacher obviously loved giraffes, they were everywhere. and thank you Jesus for air mattresses!

my crew was a.w.e.s.o.m.e 
i could not have asked for a more amazing group of people. working side by side, sweating and serving, the bond created is amazing! the high school kids on our crew were the most well manner, precious  kids that radiated the love of Christ. i wanted to call all of their parents to tell them how proud they would be. 

as planned, we finished our roof by thursday... in enough time to enjoy a few hours at a coffee/ice cream shop just fellowshipping.  did i mention roofing a house is some legit labor? i exercised muscles i never knew existed. i experienced a level of hot when you no longer feel hot. i inhaled things new to my immune system.  no wonder a new roof costs a million dollars! but i would do it again tomorrow. the love and appreciation of the home owner brings you to your knees!

every night we enjoyed pastor josh and his amazing sermons. 
turns out he wen to the same small college as jeff... and was on my crew.

what an amazing group of christians!
and fun!

 gettin' their silly on

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