Thursday, August 15, 2013

berry focaccia

i am far from a food blogger. i enjoy sharing my favorites and sadly they are usually sugar related ;)  while thumbing through a magazine at the doctor's office, the photography on this page caught my eye. then the recipe. i love a simple recipe!  i snapped a picture with my phone ~ this will be on the dinner table tonight! for dessert of course, even though it could pass for their fruit. right? when my kids leave the nest, this will be a main course ;)

fresh berries, pizza dough, sugar... 
{hello} this sounds like fair food!
one tweak ~bisquick gluten free ~ my sweet tooth and delicate stomach were in love!
 my family devoured it, never suspecting it was gluten free!
bisquick and parents magazine ~ i heart you!

1 comment:

Casey Ferri said...

I have these ingredients on hand right now - except I might add strawberries. And it's cool and rainy and the windows are open and the perfect day for baking. Done, and done.

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