don't rock the boat baby

august is an unfriendly reminder that summer is coming to an end. in the last week we have shopped for school supplies, picked out backpacks, had physicals,  bedtime is earlier, and finally... dusted off the checkbook (the month of august is crazy expensive). 

the biggest sign that school is around the corner; fall sports practices are up and running... and mandatory. very mandatory ~ as in only two unexcused practices until mid-november ~ 4-6  days a week. our school is some kind of serious about athletics. there's walls of trophies prove it. i've been reading and praying ~ so many emotions concerning highly competitive sports and growing christian kids. emotions good and bad over priorities, coaching styles, sportsmanship, perseverance, self discipline... all the stuff moms are supposed to worry about.  a future post on that topic is guaranteed.

so we are in the beginning of the beginning. it's the beginning of feeling pulled in a million directions. rocking my own summertime party boat ;)
i saved this set of pictures from the quarry for exactly this time. liza just cruising along, enjoying the ride when suddenly she is being pulled on from all directions...
fighting for the peace and tranquillity that is rightfully hers.
{weathering the storm}
doing what it takes to weather the storm!

i keep reminding myself that this time next year, bennett will be leaving for college. one last year of being completely under one roof. i am determined to enjoy this late hour ride!

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