gone fishin

a few (more) pictures from our keys vacation. this year we embraced fishing. the most saltwater world records have been set in the florida keys. i love that the reef makes for nice shallow waters. 

bennett prefers spear fishing. when he was little and on the boat, he would make enough noise to warn fish for miles.   now man-size, he is still our fish alarm... just in the water disguised as a fish. 
anna katherine was a natural! many days, she would reel them while watched. she learned to bait, take off and clean her catch. she wasn't wild about the "take off" part, mary claire was the master unhooker.

we were so fortunate to have a daddy aboard that is a master at fixing things that need fixing. mary claire had trouble mastering the cast. a new reel fixed the problem.
i am convinced charlie suffered from sea sickness, but it did not stop him from begging to go.

anchor girl
this was the day bennett began to heal from his scuba throat.
the shrimp seemed to stare at you.
this fish freaked me out! 
it looked just like a snake with fins.
in all out fish finder books, we never found this guy.

one night, we took just mary claire.
we timed it for sunset. 
 this girl loves attention, so having us all to herself tickled her to death!

man i love these people.
and this place!
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