first week

my goodness gracious, how quickly i forgot what a tremendous help my teenage driver was. back to school went great. i awoke that morning a little weepy. then the senior i weepy over, reverts to his old morning self. i had to peel him out of bed,  threaten privileges, all that good stuff... on the very first day of school. {sigh}

then i grabbed my 'good camera' to snap the traditional back to school picture. first shot i realized the shutter on my camera was dragging... it was broken. so the morning i planned to cry, i got distracted and it was all good. 

one of the first 'lasts'
 the very last 'first day' picture with all my kiddos 
(that's my son's 'swagger smile' mixed with a little 'my mom just fussed at me' fake smile... in case you are wondering)

the week has felt like a tornado. just a coincidence we are dog sitting toto from the wizard of oz? anyway, there has been a lot of driving. 

my son's football practice is opposite anna katherine's swim practice and will coincide with mary claire's tennis practice and we live 30 miles away, and the half days leave medium sized gaps in the day and my car drinks gas. by tomorrow evening my gas bill for five days will be $200.  {sigh} but this too shall pass and i keep reminding myself to enjoy.  (except the morning stuff, that will always drive me crazy!)

 bennett had a scrimmage. it was the first time that we got to see the team play. when i scanned the field, big NFL sized boys (on the other teams) caught my attention. the majority (98% ish) of our team is skinny white boys.  yikes? tonight our boys could possibly be snapped in half.

but no! oh heck no. remember when i said our school was crazy competitive in sports.  well those skinny white boys were something to behold! if this were a real game...

 i hope everyone has had a fabulous back to school week!
i am glad this first week is behind me :)

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