not much going on the week except my entire family is battling sinusitis. a nasty thing in the south that zaps all of your energy and makes your head feel like it weighs a million pounds. we said goodbye to our house guest of almost two weeks. my son's girlfriend's dog emmie. sweet, sweet. this dog has the potential to turn me into a dog person. emmie made us realize how arrogant our charlie really is. he's developing a cat personality ;)
 emmie loves to terrorize our cats. 
they hate her with every strand of their fur. 
one more day and kitty prozac would be in order. 
from ruling the roost to living life on the edge.
they were more than happy to see her go.
we had open house. the last one for awhile that will require jeff touring one schedule and me the other. i always leave high school open house with my mind spinning. school has changed since i was there 20+ years ago. it was nice to end the night in a fourth grade room and seeing a sweet little cubbie hole.

last weekend was another swim meet. 
there was a chill in the air which was perfection for spectators. not so much for the swimmers. 
jeff and i returned to our post as bus drivers.

our girls relay team took FIRST!
a much bigger deal when among schools this talented and competitive.

such a sweet group of kids!!

anna katherine swimming the butterfly.
the most unflattering, yet difficult stroke ;)

we have a rare weekend off from swim meets.
but we are still counting down days...
the first big football game is friday!

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