bennett was up and out the door at 4:45am.  morning football practice before a game. driving at 4:45 on a school day? needless to say i didn't go back to sleep.  it dawned on me in these early hours,  the slim possibility of our entire family sitting down to dinner - together - until november. {gulp} the thought made me nervous and mopey all day. while i do not mind being busy or rushing or driving a thousand miles a day... i do mind not being together. especially at dinnertime. 

so when i heard all of my kids pile in the door at 3:15, i wanted to celebrate. for one solid hour my kids would be home in the afternoon. eating, spilling details of their days, making lots of noise, creating a big mess...  joy-joy!

what better way to celebrate than with a picture.
 {said none of my children ever.}

Cheryl said...

You make me laugh so hard when I read your comments about your children and their love (not) of being the subject of your beautiful photography!
The hardest time.... well, the hardest family time of high school was the schedule and lack of family meals. Alexandra and Graham (28-26) tease me and tell me that they don't think I ever really cooked..... oh, that makes me feel wonderful! ahhhhhhhh!!!!!
It doesn't help that now, I rarely cook, as it is truly not fun being creative for one! They come home and cook for me!
Enjoy the craziness. Meals on the fly. It is such a precious time. I will be thinking of you today at Bennet's football game!!!

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