there and back

playing catch up on summer pictures.
  before scrolling, rushing out of the door, i grabbed my broken zoom lens. i have two identical lens i use for play, not for work, and this isn't the first time.  the photo quality in some shots is (really) lacking. but i assure you, this day wasn't lacking in fun and excitement. 

we failed to mention to our friends that the destination (round trip) was approximately 10 hours. she coined it, "the boat ride that never ends."

we traveled through the lakes of santee, through the locks and down the ashley cooper.

and back ;)

we enjoyed the water...
before we hit the gator infested ashley cooper.

i was brave crazy enough to ride with the speed demon.

FULL speed ahead!

i highly recommend a one piece bathing suit while tubing.
that would be the reason i let go!

for sarah cambell's sake, i am so thankful we spotted an alligator.
on the way back, my husband drove the boat like never before!
jumping waves at top speeds, causing me to start passing out life vests to the grown ups.

it was fast, furious and WET!
it was a glorious day!
that lasted forever ;)

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