Monday, August 12, 2013

what's up buttercup?

what have we been up to? other than being wishy washy about the start of school. somedays 'we' are so sad sumer is ending. some days we (i) crave a structured schedule. the same song and dance we do at the end of every summer.

 junebug. it 'ain't' happening. 
we drive by crime scene everyday. it is just a coincidence it's always during sonic happy hour ;) maybe we will spot him chllin' by the road. maybe/probably not. 
mary claire loved drama camp.
this girl is all about some drama!
she was a narrator ~ but could have been the lead teacher.
 kittyboy sunning himself 
he's just a shade whiter than my brother in law ;) 

drives my kids nuts when i use their hashtags
bennett at work. 
 after three months, we are back to living part-time in school town.
handmade gift from mary claire.
living in the country and passing scenes like this everyday is good for my soul.

a friend passed along her jackpot find.
an armband that holds an iPhone in an otterbox.

i spend three hours every afternoon waiting for anna katherine at swim team practice. i often get asked the question, "being gluten free, what do you eat at fast food places?"  wendey's is the "gluten friendliest" place i know of. the baked potatoes, fries cut fries and chili are good. if there's a burger place that will wrap mine in lettuce, that's a plus.

so when i am out and about during meals, i will usually stop by a grocery store and grab a few of my favorites. not the healthiest, but beats mcvalue meal #5

a few phone pics from camp honey.  
i got another tattoo. my favorite kind... they wash off in a couple days.
my girlfriends and i went on a cruise years ago and decided to get henna tattoos and surprise our husbands. fabulous because it was SO out of character. it took that tattoo SIX weeks to wear off! i almost needed a skin graph from weeks of scrubbing.
home alone (in the mountains) with all the kids.
this lady might love cats more than mary claire ~ hopefully.
we were having so much fun, sarah anne and i snapped a selfie.
"so yesterday"
but so fun! hair feathers.
pool time

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