busy but not rushed

i know every mother is busy. i can't bear to say "i am busy" without acknowledging almost every mother out there is crazy busy! maybe in another season of busy, but steady at it either way. 

our busy-ness lately has involved a lot of driving and car riding. (i may have mentioned this a time or two) three kids, three different fall sports and a husband who sometimes travels. oh and i work full time. we are full speed ahead. 

i rearrange my fall work hours so that i am free most days after 2:00... between pick ups and drop offs we often find ourselves with gaps of time. not enough to go home, but a little too much to stay put. time to kill.
 the feeling of having too much time has been nice. a luxury almost.  we eat afternoon snacks at our favorite restaurants, sitting down not in the car. we make trips to the parks we rarely visit to hit tennis balls and swing. some days we roam tjmaxx (which is not a good habit).... things we would not necessarily do if it wasn't for being so far from home. 

so i thought about what an oxymoron this 'busy' time is. 
actually causing us to slow down.

six more weeks of busy without the rush 

Charles and Angela McCall said...

Love love love your positive perspective!!!

:) Angela

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