did i mention?

happy friday! i am as happy to see fridays like most people are happy to see mondays  ;) but it is a happy day. a great football game will take place tonight. the schools are both highly competitive and the players evenly matched. then a big swim meet in charleston. anna katherine treats her all day meets like an extended party. jeff and bennett are so close to finishing the jeep. i love, love it when they spend time together in the shop. and me? it's my monday :) i have sweet customers all weekend and a big catholic wedding  sandwiched between them.  
sprite zero with cherry... i wish i didn't crave carbonated drinks. but it beets nicotine and alcohol ;) 
this is my drink of choice when it's close to bedtime.
did i mention most nights we are still in the car at 9pm?

going on 24 years together! did i mention he's still my favorite person!

 i know i mentioned (maybe 30 times) we often have to kill time between sports practices. three more weeks praise God! we sometimes roam the isles of random stores. on this day we visited petco. our fish is still hanging in there and bubbles needed food. 

this place? good grief!  i love my pets, but for heavens sake. a rawhide bar and organic section. gluten free dairy free pet food? build your own hamster cage, fill your own cat litter bucket. outfits and accessories each sold separately. seriously? this experience was like build-a-bear meets whole foods meets the discovery center... and then takes a trip to the bank!

but we took the bait. spending $5 on charlie some organic, dairy free dog treats. goodies that looked just like lollipops, oreos and teddygrams. {insert an eye roll} but we did linger in their store like the zoo, so $5 for the experience was fair. plus it was a great math lesson watching mary claire fill her bag, weigh it, take some out, put some in... getting it to exactly a half of a pound.  she knew if it was two teddy grams/$1 over it came out of 'her' money.

 parking skills run in our family. did i mention mine stink!? we ran into my sister at the drug store. check out her parking job. i instagrammed this. then she instagrammed MY car and it's treacherous parking. kind of funny!
 then crys left candy corn on our car.
did i mention we are both die hard candy corn lovers!? 
and it's opening season!
 fuel before swim team practice.
 oh my! chimes are my latest candy addiction! 
discovered as i was wondering the isles of TJmax. did i mention we have a lot of time to kill?
anyway. i am on bag 10...
our kitten is as cute as can be. 
i am wondering when i need to begin worrying that she is not growing. she is half the size of her siblings. probably the sam's choice catfood. or she's gluten and dairy intolerant ;)
speaking of gluten and dairy intolerant... thanks mom!
i love this magazine!
have i mentioned i love football games?
 a football game instagram.

 hitting balls to mary claire between swim practice.
we have time to kill ya know. i metioned that!

this court is the only public court we know of in school town. and it is inner city ghetto! no net, half grass, half concrete, with a few mud puddles sprinkled throughout. our time here lasted about 20 minutes until my girl fell and bloodied both knees. i am guessing it's not the first blood shed on this court.

have a happy weekend! see you monday... 
my friday ;)

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