fish hospice

our family has (temporarily) grown by one. 
one wal-mart beta fish
mary claire, my animal l-o-v-e-r,  can work up some serious tears on the pet aisle. just the sight of fish in rubbermaid containers. according to her, "just waiting to die." right there on the shelves of walmart.  i had a moment of weakness and she had $18 dollars of allowance burning a hole in her pocket. not to mention the lingering junebug guilt (darn cat!) 

so she happily shelled out all of her allowance money on a beta fish. 

we bought the bare bones set up. $9.99 bowl and accessories. i wasn't falling for any of that "you could also get..." or "for $6 more you can get..." nope! this fish must prove it's survival skills before any substantial money is spent!

i did chip in for a $3 bottle of beta pro water. which was probably spring water with a 400% mark up, but what the heck. i figured it had to add a few days to the life expectancy.

my girl was in heaven.

from rubbermail to fish bowl ~ 
welcome to the graves fish hospice house! 
where our goal is to make your last days as comfortable and enjoyable as possible! ;)

one thing is for sure. bubbles the fish will live out his days being loved and adored. and who knows, he could live to be 2 years old. 
or be gobbled up by a cat.
my little girl is smitten! googling fish care and making a reminder to pin up. -feed on mondays, wednesdays and saturdays - keep out of direct sunlight - clean every 8 days- i snicker everytime i hear her say,

"i can't believe bubbles is still alive."

  may God be with you bubbles the fish.

{to be continued}
Mom2fur said...

Bubbles should live a good, long life in his beautiful new home. Your Mary Claire is a girl after my own (57-year-old) heart. Which is funny, since my name is Clare Marie. I'm also an animal lover, with a dog, 2 cats and a ferret at current count. I have had beta fish and many other types of small animals.

Tell Mary Claire that Betas actually live in very small spaces, so the ones at the store aren't terribly unhappy so long as they are fed and kept in nice clean water. I hope that makes her feel better. Of course, they have to be alone--there's a reason they are called "fighting fish." I have heard that, if you put a mirror outside the fishbowl, the beta fish will try to 'attack' it, LOL!
Good luck with the new family member!

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