labor day

labor day kicked off the high school football season. we started with a hefty win. woo-hoo! i promise to reel in the obnoxious football mom stuff  as much as possible. 
admit it... winning feels great. especially when these guys have been working their tails off for so long. and when a win is paired with such great sportsmanship. muah! it was a great night! 

the first game was away. three hours away. i realized this day is way to long on little kids. mary claire was a puddle of moans and groans by half time. for mary claire's sake and mine, next time we will get a babysitter.

the joys of having a little sister!
in between work, laundry, studying and cleaning... we squeezed in a day at the lake. the weather was scorching hot, perfect for being 'in' the water. we cruised, tubed, snacked... had us a bug time!

 our family minus one. bennett was home catching up on his laundry and still trying to find 'that' smell in his room!

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