last meet

saturday was the last swim meet until state! i am going to start with the good great news first. our girls placed FIRST out of five schools! our team is bubbling over with fast girls.
even better was the personal win for anna katherine. she placed first overall in the 100 free. 
and she won by a . in swimming a fraction of a second is major. 
and our girl won by this much:
the swim team is packed with some of the nicest kids.
life long friends who will always be shining example for others.

our school hosted the meet, which was nice to only drive 30 minutes away verses a couple hours.
 and to leave home at 8am instead of 4:45am... muah!
i think mary claire had the most exciting day! she manned the snack bar with other girls in her class. 

back to how awesome this experience has been
and how i wished the swim team received more recognition. i know to many it may not be as exciting or 'as cool' as football, but the practice, dedication and skill is comparable.

i love the sportsmanship taught on this team.
 they encourage and pray for each other.

they cheer on everyone, even swimmers from other schools.
our school should be very proud of this group of kids, i know i am! 

 it's bitter sweet. there's still two more weeks of practice, a party, awards and a huge celebration at the state meet! but the end is in sight.

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