monochromatic summer

i remember sitting at a photography conference when the very first digital camera introduced. it was passed around for us to touch and hold. it felt alien. i remember thinking, no way this trend will ever catch on. 
it wasn't long, as in a year, that my medium format camera was laid to rest in it's case... forever. replaced, by one of nikon's newest digital cameras and adobe photoshop, edition 1.1 :) 

photography as i knew it would be changed forever. 
no longer limited to a 'roll' of film. a large enough memory card felt as if it could hold almost endless images. 

just like my old  film cameras, black-and-white photography seems to have taken a back seat since digital too. have you noticed? hello full color world!  i find myself editing fewer and fewer pictures to black and white. 
but nothing beats them when it comes to the simplicity and raw emotion. 

so this week, while spring fall cleaning my photoshop version 46.9 library, i edited in black and white.

a few monochromatic summer memories

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