weekend / go fish

we squeezed as much as possible into a weekend. friday night was a football game against a rival school.  the aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents were there to watch. we won 52-0.  

after the game ended (10pm) jeff and i drove three hours to meet up with anna katherine and the rest of the swimteam in hilton head. it was a giant meet! 300 swimmers and a heat sheet 10 pages long. the cold snap that the weatherman predicted... uh, no. unless you consider mid-90's a cold snap.  

our girl is such a graceful swimmer, speeding through the water without causing a wake. she swims like she is cutting the water like butter!
 we made it a weekend get-away. bennett and his girlfriend joined us on saturday. mary claire stayed behind with honey and liza. it was a much needed slice of relaxation!

now for some summer picture catch ups!
my little niece evie loving the go fish game.

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