what's up buttercup

first things first. my boy filled out his first college application this week. it was a big deal, everyone in daddy's office staring over his shoulder. it is important that he is responsible and involved in the entire process; SAT's, applications, deadlines. even so,  i am so thankful for the high school college advisor who reviews every application with a fine tooth comb before sending. 

 diet cherry coke... my happy hour drink of choice!
forgetting the cherry is considered criminal!
 reading on a kindle outside... IS FOR THE BIRDS!

i love a heat sheet, highlighter, stadium chair and a cooler of cold drinks. swim meet joy!

 a rare saturday night dinner out with everyone!

 i threatened to take my kids picture every morning for a year!  i was so proud. i kept my promise for two days!
 lunch date with my wiener. i needed coffee and he needed a little extra attention. dog-sitting for toto was wearing him thin.
 elliptical + a kitten
 love this man!
 my kids are required to play a fall sport.
 mary claire chose tennis lessons and so far, so good!
 mary claire and her library books. this girl is a reading machine and the library is a blessing on the wallet. except for the fact she frets that her books will be late. she frets if she does not get a receipt at checkout. she frets when we drop them in the outside box. she frets taking them in the car. her anxiety can be draining. i assure her our librarians are not game wardens. plus her books are never, ever a day late.  this week, she insisted on walking her books in with cash in hand... just in case.
trying an old wives tale for a puffy eye.

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