happy halloween throwbacks

some oldies but some goodies!

 if you were ever to wonder which of our three was the most temperamental toddler....

and for this mom's favorite costume of all...
 bennett's two year old cow costume 
mostly because he was two and knew he should be embarrassed to be dressed like a cow.
which made him the maddest two year old cow ever!

pumpkin head

the majority of mothers would agree, the week of halloween is crazy fun, but also one of the busiest weeks in the calendar year! three straight days of dress up and candy overdose: school carnival, church trunk or treat, class party and real halloween trick-or-treating. not to mention is is a huge week in football world. there's a school bonfire, kiss the senior football player pep rally (moms somehow play a part) and the giant rivalry football game. this is the last week of regular football games. (praise God!)

now for a few ;) pictures from our afternoon of pumpkin carving... this took place immediately after the funnel cake fiasco! 

 jeff gets serious!

pumpkin puke... of course!
 anna katherine gets fancy. 
she opts to use a stencil.
 little did she know that she would despise her pumpkin in the end. 
 only because it looked a tad like a devil.

 no one seemed to notice that bennett was carving his pumpkin upside down... until he did this!

 and this...
 we laughed until we cried!

 big time fun! and now i am off to finish a kitty cat costume that a ten year old needs to be wearing in less than 8 hours... i am better under pressure!

fast lane

a few weeks ago anna katherine and our school swim team competed in the state competition.it was such a fun afternoon. the moms were tracking the swimmers with the coolest new iphone ap. 

i made a sweet new friend. it was another swim mom. we sat beside each other for almost 4 hours. i noticed she was crying her eyes out every time her daughter stepped on the block. my first thought was, "seriously? really? you're that crazy competitive?"  thou shall not jump to conclusions. after striking up a conversation, i find out it that her three children have been competitively swimming for 18 years. this was her last child and this was their very last swim meet.   then i cried too. 

the pool deck!doesn't this look like insane fun? 
actually it is! 
and i want to remember every second. it will be over in a flash.

we are SO proud of this girl! her drive, her sportsmanship, her dedication. she makes her parents beam!

fried mess

so our plan a couple sunday afternoons ago was perfect. i had the entire day off. we would eat lunch, change into comfy clothes, make funnel cakes and carve pumpkins. in my mind, i had dreamed up the perfect october sunday after church.

here's the picture perfect memory! 
and yes this memory is gluten free!
now for the rest of the story...

at work the wedding the night before, there was a funnel cake bar ~ and yes it was every bit as amazing as it sounds. the toppings, the sugar, the smell of fried dough everywhere! fried heaven on earth set to dance music! except i couldn't indulge. like the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder ~ my every thought from that moment on involved a funnel cake.  

anna katherine whipped up the paula dean funnel cake recipe. (such a simple recipe) we turned them gluten free just by using this

again, frying dough, how hard can this be? not hard for people used to frying things. i can't even remember the last time i deep friend anything. 

the pictures will pause because what happened next could have been an "i love lucy" episode. my kitchen turned into a grease flying, dough spilling, people yelling, war zone. we even had a (small) grease fire. my niece and my son's girlfriend were wide eyed, taking it all in... my own family ~ probably having christmas cookie flashbacks, then again knowing this is not all that out of character.

my blog is not a how to blog.... it is more like a how 'not' to blog! i will suggest not following the advice of a iprofessional tv chef who makes a creme brulee recipe look as elementary as making a pbj sandwich... save yourself buy the "seen on TV" $10 funnel cake kit! 

this flexible funnel in a drink bottle ~ the one the chef suggested ~ whatever!

the dough consistency ~ of both plain and gluten free ~ the open top bottle ~ the grease temperature... who knows, maybe it was just me. bottom line is, it didn't work. when my ($$$) gluten free dough is oozing onto the flour, it's not a happy moment. 

in the end, only half the dough ended up on the floor and the burns were only first, maybe second degree. and a fire fighter does live in our house. 

the toppings were never opened... a little to stressed to remember.

how did they taste?
hello ~ amazing! 
fried dough with butter and sugar!
guaranteed amazing!
it was a perfect afternoon... despite cleaning my kitchen for forever. the chaos added to the memory!

pumpkin throwback

sorting through old pictures, preparing myself for the senior end of the year slide show... i have decided to take part in #tbt. i seriously (last week)  just found out the meaning of this hashtag. 

anna katherine, 13 years ago  

kinda a big deal

football is kinda a big deal at our school. as is traditions. add in the fact that the football team is undefeated and this is our senior's last homecoming... makes it an even bigger deal around here! 
there's a parade. 
kicked off by the football players. 
these boys are made to feel like superstars for a day!
 each grade, starting in middle school, creates a float. the kids from the grade meet at someone's house the week before. fellowshp at it's best. 

did i mention it is also a contest?! 
and anna katherine's grade WON!
the entire high school (which is one hallway; another favorite) is decorated from ceiling to floor by the varsity cheerleaders. not an inch is left uncovered. the cheerleaders begin working on the decorations the summer before. all of this is put up the night before homecoming and taken down after the football game.
my favorite... the character football team!
and the handmade pillowcases hanging from the ceiling.
all for the varsity football players.

white under-armor shirts lit with a black light...
superstar treatment!
the theme was 'a road trip'

the detail was amazing!
note the cactus ~ toothpicks and all. 
amazing details!

 and look where the road trip ends!
my favorite!
 there's some tough games ahead. but even if the team lost every game here on out, it will still have been an insanely successful season!

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