a rite

in our house, ear piercing is a huge rite of passage. when anna katherine was little, the earring age was 13. then i moved it to middle school. then anna katherine realized all the girls at school get theirs done at age ten. and you know moms cave when everyone else is doing it ;) i agreed, ten is a good age. 

on her actual birthday, we went to lunch to surprise her with one last gift. she had no idea it was a pair of earrings. real diamonds... they would have been i hadn't forget to peel off the $10 price tag ;)

now for a word of advice! if there is a way to 'make an appointment', do so. or at least scout out the piercing chair first.  because if there is an 8year old acting like she is being placed at the base of a guillotine, you might want to wait outside or down the block. you might not want your child to witness the murder.

i should have made made claire leave the store, but all the kids in claire's had their eyes glued to brittany. it was like the crescendo in a horror film. 

anyway. brittany's mom said this tirade had been going on for an hour. they had left, come back, left come back. her four year old sister had hers done earlier. brittany had one ear done. but refused to let anyone touch the second ear.

twenty more minutes, after all that... brittany left with one ear pierced and her mom squeezing her arm.

all i can say is that if this were my overly cautious son. he would be living his life happily earring free. 

"now your turn mary claire... aren't you excited? you have been begging and pleading for months! and the lady doing the piercing is dressed like a cat! hello this was meant to be :) hop in the chair, this is an awesome day."

thanks brittany bucketdipper! now mary claire now has images of the click and her blood splattering the walls. i reminded her i thought thirteen was a better age anyway!

after the click her first words were, "well that didn't hurt!"

and there you have it...
ears pierced by a cat lady on her birthday!
and it didn't even hurt!

Anonymous said...

We had a very (exact same) experience @ Claire's, but it was an 8 MONTH old baby! Ended up going to Icings in Sandhills and they did both @ the same time. Of course, after all that, Erin says, that didn't hurt at all, besides who can be unhappy in a store called Icings?!? Go figure?? Sally Watts

CathyMA said...

This post cracks me up! Per tradition in my family we girls get our ears pierced at birth, pretty much. My daughter was "old" at 9 months!!! (I'm not even kidding). I always love hearing all the stories of my non-italian american friends who had to wait till their teens, or whatever incomprehensible to me age before they had their ears pierced. My sister-in-law was 17!!!!My mother truly does not understand this. Fascinating!
Your daughter will never forget this. The photos are priceless!

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