cake boss

happy birthday to our sweet girl. 
this ten year old wanted a cake boss party.
when attending a small school, an invitation list can be a very delicate subject. the thought of someone feeling left out hurts my heart. so the list changes every year. because cautious moms like myself stick to the rule, "invite the girls in your class." all of them. this year mary claire added a couple bffs and a few cousins. her sister was absent due to the state swim meet.

daddy picked everyone up from school and went for slushies.  thirty minutes before the party started, i was still making homemade butter cream icing. please do not be impressed. the recipe was simple and my mom promised it would be easier than buying the tubs of pre-made. 

 the fact that i was tinting every batch wasn't factored into my time equation. this meant washing spoons, mixers, bowls, hands, counters, walls, the floor ;) thankfully i had tubs for the base coat.

would a cooking party really be complete without cute aprons? mary claire thinks not ;) 
the week before i decided to make the girls cute aprons.
the night before i decided to start sewing.

a huge thank you to my sister! 
assisting with cake box folding, cutting, dicing, wiping, organizing... 

this had to be the sweetest, calmest combination of girls ever!
they worked for almost an hour icing and decorating their cakes.
 i loved the way they complimented each other!
i wish i had a better picture of jeff singing to evie.

taking pride in their creations!

now tell me who's the cake boss!
 happy birthday to our girl! 

Casey Ferri said...

What a fun party idea!!! I love this!

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