this weekend, we will be doing some heavy duty celebrating!
the school swim season has come to an end. (praise God)  it was a glorious season, but kept us in a conatant stae of motion from 2:15 - 9pm... daily.
we will celebrate with a million other freaked out, competitive swimmers at the giant state meet!
the girls on this swim team remain in a constant state of celebration... 
win or loose, they are a happy-happy! I love that these beautiful girls feel confident with wet hair and no makeup. 
we will also celebrate mary claire's 10th birthday. unbelievable, my last little is 10!

i will celebrate a saturday and sunday off! 
we will hopefully celebrate a football win. 

we will celebrate a new associate pastor.
we will celebrate the arrival  of fall-like weather! 
then we will celebrate mary claire's birthday, over-and-over. 10 is a big number!
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