fast lane

a few weeks ago anna katherine and our school swim team competed in the state was such a fun afternoon. the moms were tracking the swimmers with the coolest new iphone ap. 

i made a sweet new friend. it was another swim mom. we sat beside each other for almost 4 hours. i noticed she was crying her eyes out every time her daughter stepped on the block. my first thought was, "seriously? really? you're that crazy competitive?"  thou shall not jump to conclusions. after striking up a conversation, i find out it that her three children have been competitively swimming for 18 years. this was her last child and this was their very last swim meet.   then i cried too. 

the pool deck!doesn't this look like insane fun? 
actually it is! 
and i want to remember every second. it will be over in a flash.

we are SO proud of this girl! her drive, her sportsmanship, her dedication. she makes her parents beam!

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