kinda a big deal

football is kinda a big deal at our school. as is traditions. add in the fact that the football team is undefeated and this is our senior's last homecoming... makes it an even bigger deal around here! 
there's a parade. 
kicked off by the football players. 
these boys are made to feel like superstars for a day!
 each grade, starting in middle school, creates a float. the kids from the grade meet at someone's house the week before. fellowshp at it's best. 

did i mention it is also a contest?! 
and anna katherine's grade WON!
the entire high school (which is one hallway; another favorite) is decorated from ceiling to floor by the varsity cheerleaders. not an inch is left uncovered. the cheerleaders begin working on the decorations the summer before. all of this is put up the night before homecoming and taken down after the football game.
my favorite... the character football team!
and the handmade pillowcases hanging from the ceiling.
all for the varsity football players.

white under-armor shirts lit with a black light...
superstar treatment!
the theme was 'a road trip'

the detail was amazing!
note the cactus ~ toothpicks and all. 
amazing details!

 and look where the road trip ends!
my favorite!
 there's some tough games ahead. but even if the team lost every game here on out, it will still have been an insanely successful season!

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