maturing, learning and other stuff... according to my iphone

the entire football experience has been a test of faith.... for bennett and his parents. i believe an entire Bible study could be written around this football adventure. 
 bring on the encouraging Bible verses for us all. maybe scribble a few on my forehead please ;) i can't wait to tell you all about the awesomeness and not so awesomeness (not sure that's a word)

 watching the various coaching styles has been very insightful... this would be chapter one in my imaginary Bible study. we have witnessed:

coaches who value the coach / player relationship with all of the players. i emphasize the word all.
    coaches committed to the integrity of the players and winning.
coaches who are respected by the players because they show respect to the players.

coaches who are being amazing role models and will be reminisced about when these boys are old men. 

then sadly, there are coaches who encompass none of the above. and we as parents of almost adults have to sit back and watch. which is part of the maturing process for bennett and us. but it is still very hard... chapter 2-4 ;)

but thankfully the majority of our team's coaches are amazing... chapter 5.  

so for that we are forever grateful!
many chapters would touch on gratefulness ;) 

back to my iPhone pictures...

HELLO ~ trans-fat in all your glory!  yes she is gluten intolerant (not celaic disease) and this is usually a no-no. she has been diligent this week and it's probably 90%  nasty icing. so for $2.99 this puppy came home with me.

an evening trip to urgent care. a 'bump' had turned to into an inflamed heated lump with several distinct red lines vining up mary claire's arm. an infection they believe originated from those scraped knees on the tennis court. 

i love it when she realizes i am taking her picture!

 how could i resist this sweet face?!
is that a typical cat face or what!
mary claire and  i made these guys. my picture stinks, but
heavens mercy, the easiest coconut macaroons ever! naturally gluten free!
thank goodness for a friend who can carpool on super short notice. two kids home sick. 

 my $30 mr. coffee finally brewed his last pot. it's been a good one.
so i bought a keurig. 
i entered this relationship with mixed feelings. 

 the first cup was a watery disaster.
a common complaint on google. 

  i made a stop by dunkin donuts to try out my favorite coffee. 
i also ate a dozen of the new pumpkin donuts ~with my eyes. 
i bet they taste glorious! only tell me if they are awful.

oh ~ and the coffee was great!
this is what can happen when daddy is out of town and sister is at swim and brother is at football...

 these girlies wouldn't have been happier if it was surf and turf!

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