pumpkin detox

what is it about being on a diet that makes you crave 5000 calories? it's candy corn season and lately my daily 'diet' has consisted of a bag, maybe two. chased by a diet dr. pepper. because seriously real soft drinks are loaded with sugar ;) 

mallow cream pumpkins are my favorite. and one bag has only 1200 calories with absolutely no nutritional value what so ever. 

 questions i hear ~ mostly from my mother, 

  • "doesn't sugar make you feel sluggish?".... probably so. but i am sticking to no.
  • "don't you worry about what you put in your body?" definitely. gluten no. sugar yes. 
  • "do you allow your kids consume that much sugar?" of course i do not. i fuss at them constantly about the dangers of suagr. i hide my candy. a different spot every week. i am a hypocrite, don't judge.

monday morning (yesterday) i began my diet/detox. i woke up to three mallow pumpkins. i can't go cold turkey, that's dangerous for my children ;) like methadone to a meth addict, i have to wean myself ;) two hours into my diet/detox i am driving to work fantasizing about a greasy five guys cheese burger with a super size order of raw fries. 

it's not like i am in the thick of dieting. there's still candy corn pulsing through my veins. there's just something about the words, "i am on a diet."

i am working extra hard in my office this week, trying to take an afternoon off. thursday it's lunch out with my lady friends. and while they indulge in their grilled chicken salads, i will have my fall celebration meal (i made that up) i plan to order a double bacon cheeseburger, don't hold the mayo, make it nasty with a large order of fries. and yes, my dream is to eat the bun!

{and the pictures} 
an aunt who slips her niece a candy bar while her granola mom isn't looking... this kid loves me!
CathyMA said...

OMGosh, this is hard! Let me know when It's over & I'll toast you with a Five Guys cheeseburger from the one near me. I love those burgers.....

Charles and Angela McCall said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Thank heaven for Heidi Graves. Your wit is amazing!!

:) Angela

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