pumpkin head

the majority of mothers would agree, the week of halloween is crazy fun, but also one of the busiest weeks in the calendar year! three straight days of dress up and candy overdose: school carnival, church trunk or treat, class party and real halloween trick-or-treating. not to mention is is a huge week in football world. there's a school bonfire, kiss the senior football player pep rally (moms somehow play a part) and the giant rivalry football game. this is the last week of regular football games. (praise God!)

now for a few ;) pictures from our afternoon of pumpkin carving... this took place immediately after the funnel cake fiasco! 

 jeff gets serious!

pumpkin puke... of course!
 anna katherine gets fancy. 
she opts to use a stencil.
 little did she know that she would despise her pumpkin in the end. 
 only because it looked a tad like a devil.

 no one seemed to notice that bennett was carving his pumpkin upside down... until he did this!

 and this...
 we laughed until we cried!

 big time fun! and now i am off to finish a kitty cat costume that a ten year old needs to be wearing in less than 8 hours... i am better under pressure!

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