a quick, as in 10 minute quick, senior picture moment. it was time to place your ad in the yearbook. at first bennett was adamant about not wanting a collage of himself in the yearbook. he was afraid it would be a parade of pictures like this:

after letting the deadline pass by one day, i talked with other senior moms at the swim meet. was bennett going to be the only senior without an ad? apparently, most definitely yes. many seniors even have multiple pages.  and my son convinced us not to purchase just one!   a quick  (pleading) email and a promise to turn our ad in print ready in two days, i was given the ok. i would sort through old pictures, take a recent picture and create the layout. the writing was left up to his daddy. jeff came in all teary eyed with his final draft.

 i am so thankful we were able to include this in his yearbook.

This is a time we have hoped for and feared.  We won’t go on about how, “it seems like yesterday when…” 
because that plays through our minds every day. 
Memories, while cherished, are sad. They make us long for something that can never be again. What we will do, is rejoice and be happy-not because our little boy is grown, but because our little boy became a man. Not just any man, but a good man. You are a man that a father is still proud to call his son. You are a man that is still 
cherished by his mother and his sisters. You are also a man that will still make mistakes and not be afraid to seek answers from either his Father in Heaven or his Father on earth.

We refuse to see this as any kind of ending. Just as we watched you grow from a baby to a boy, and from a boy to a teen, we will see you grow from a teen to the man we know (and always prayed) you would be. 

If I were to tell you the most important thing to remember it is this; you are an amazing, wonderful, talented 
creation of God! You have the inherent ability to create joy and energy with everyone! We are beyond proud that you always continue to be more than you were 
yesterday and what you were yesterday was wonderful.

One thing that will never change is that you are our son! We will celebrate your joy, and be there for you in sorrow no matter how old you are.

It has been our joy and our honor to be with you this far!
Love, your mom & dad

The 1st of May said...

Now I'm all teary eyed! Beautiful layout and words!

I love Jeff's words, "You are a man that a father is still proud to call his son. you are a man that is still cherished by his mother and sisters." In John Eldredge's book You Have What it Takes, John says, "Every boy shares the same basic question: 'Do I have what it takes?' And every boy looks to his dad to answer it."

What a blessing Bennett has loving parents that have answered this burning question for him so early in life. It is truly a gift!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

I love it! We didn't do one, but being in a large public school it wasn't noticeable!

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