turkey day

it was the happiest of days! great cooks, family, the fact i do not have to cook and lots of laughter. our family does the hosting, which means we (I) do not do the cooking. .. perfect thanksgiving! except aunt pammie was home sick! 
 my poor sister, with her half dozen kids slaves away in the kitchen all day preparing her entrees!
is that a sticker i spy???
but the super market  her mac and cheese was a hit!
 the weather went cold... as in freezing! here in the south, our skin is thin. we can't handle anything below 60! instead of eating outside under the trees, we moved props and equipment to the driveway and enjoyed our dinner in my studio. liza and anna katherine created the centerpieces!

every year i plan a thankful craft that can be displayed year to year. next thanksgiving i want to make laminated place-mats. i asked everyone to hold a blank chalkboard, write  on paper what they were thankful for and i would transfer in photoshop.

my sister jokingly said, "is this to announce we are having another baby?"
lightbulb moment... it hadn't occurred to me that i had a blank slate for practical jokes! no pun intended!  i am brilliant and didn't even realize it ;)
i disappeared into my office, created the big (fake) announcement and posted on crys' facebook page!
their phones exploded... family from all over were having heart attacks. one person wrote, "the smoaks would now have their own zip code  2902smoak." another said, "the high school just moved to a 4A!" 

and we all exploded into a ball of laughter!
stephen's phone was drained of battery within the hour!
maybe think twice next time i ask you to hold a blank sign! 
and i have everyone in my family holding one... jackpot! :)


our high school football team WON the state championship! 
my voice is still recovering :) more to come...

a little catch up on an exciting week of fun.... anna katherine's birthday week. why must birthdays stretch out a week? ;) it was a get together to celebrate anna katherine turning the big ONE FIVE! a bonfire, pinata, s'mores, flashlight tag, pizza... imagination needed because i only snapped a couple pictures before it was dark. 

our version of a
{photo-booth fun}

after a few group shots, the kids were in charge of the camera.

today's the day

the big day is here! in our world this is the super bowl and we have fabulous tickets plus a kid on the field. 
state championship game... here we come. 
both teams are so talented and full of boys who have poured their blood sweat and tears into football. 
not to mention every drop of free time :)
win or lose ~ it is so exciting to have come this far!
it is going to be a great day!

legally allowed

and just like that, our bundle of energy is 
 legally allowed to begin the process of driving. 
this girl was SO nervous! 
she found the neatest $3 ap that allows you to take practice tests. 
afterwards she said the questions were identical.
pretty neat!
 can you guess what she is saying here?
something like, "stop taking pictures!"
 and the picture...
girls worry way more than boys.

 critiquing her picture... which i thought was was great.
 she is already talking cars. which is funny considering the front of our house already looks like a used car lot.
but she is daddy's girl, so he told her to take her pick. 
she can have any car she wants...
as long as it is already parked in our driveway ;)
{she discretely rolled her eyes}

all i want for christmas...

the first thing to get neglected when work gets busy is my blog... then it is laundry, housework, cooking, cleaning, interpersonal relationships, hygiene ;) you know what i am saying! 

november is hands down my busiest work month. a good kind of busy. i have grown to adore so many of my customers turned friends. in the 15 years,  i have watched babies turn into teenagers, students turn into spouses and parents... it is an amazing spectator sport
i often have to remind myself of this. especailly on the weekends when i am off to work and the rest of the town is off to the lake. {insert sigh} but i still l.o.v.e. what i do.

last weekend i spent an entire saturday photographing families in a field of goats. how darn cool is that! they were following me around, chewing my coat, climbing into my car... the friendliest of creatures providing endless entertainment. 
i can barely look at these guys without laughing.
i used to want a pintrest kind of chicken coop.
 full of coolest looking birds. 
that is until i smelled one in the heat of the summer. 
no ~ thank ~ you
so now i'm considering asking santa for some goats!
i mean just look at that face!

they're not boots...

they're not boots...
they're my cats.
some days they wish they could morph into boots and hide from their captor!
this girl does love her cats! 
and believe it or not they love her best!
stockholm syndrome. we are convinced.
and i love this foxy sweater... 
straight from the shelves of wal-mart. 
yes, it may fall apart in the washer, 
but for $10 i decided to take the risk!

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