all i want for christmas...

the first thing to get neglected when work gets busy is my blog... then it is laundry, housework, cooking, cleaning, interpersonal relationships, hygiene ;) you know what i am saying! 

november is hands down my busiest work month. a good kind of busy. i have grown to adore so many of my customers turned friends. in the 15 years,  i have watched babies turn into teenagers, students turn into spouses and parents... it is an amazing spectator sport
i often have to remind myself of this. especailly on the weekends when i am off to work and the rest of the town is off to the lake. {insert sigh} but i still l.o.v.e. what i do.

last weekend i spent an entire saturday photographing families in a field of goats. how darn cool is that! they were following me around, chewing my coat, climbing into my car... the friendliest of creatures providing endless entertainment. 
i can barely look at these guys without laughing.
i used to want a pintrest kind of chicken coop.
 full of coolest looking birds. 
that is until i smelled one in the heat of the summer. 
no ~ thank ~ you
so now i'm considering asking santa for some goats!
i mean just look at that face!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

I swear we are moving to the country after our daughter graduates high school and I want goats, and chickens, and cats, and a peacock! oh, and some bunnies! :)

The 1st of May said...

You DEF need goats! I can't WAIT to see a pic of a cat AND goat riding with MC on her bike!...Challenge Accepted?!

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