bad BAD idea!

 before i tell you about a parenting decision gone bad, i must tell you about our favorite new tv show... the goldbergs on abc. man is it f.u.n.n.y! much cleaner than it's neighboring shows. if you have teenagers and you grew up in the 80's, tivo this now! it will leave you in stitches. the episode last week was all about teens driving. the mom is my favorite!  the dad was talking her off the ledge about her kids driving,  "every time our kids pull out of the driveway, you assume they are dead until proved otherwise! so call you mother when you get there!" so true!  

me, myself and i decided to surprise anna katherine with concert tickets for her birthday. georgia florida line was in town! it was a last minute decision, as in i bought the tickets the morning of the concert.  

my concert experience can be summed up in: in a hannah montana, a winter jam christian concert, a paul mccartney (front row!) and a whitney Houston in the 80's. while we enjoy all kinds of music,  i knew the colt ford level of country was more than i could stomach. (songs like,no trash in my trailer) no temptation from these two parents!

so the plan i devised in a couple hours was to drive my teens to the concert, drop them off at the door, maybe walk them to their seats, and drive back when the concert ended. safe enough right? well when i broke the transportation news to my teenagers they went into full melt down mode! uh, can i have a thank you! full blown "mom you are killing me!" in the 30 minutes they knew about the concert, they had already made plans to pick up friends and all ride together.... 

uh, NO! i love your friends, but in my mind this plan sounded like a "news at 11, a car load of kids killed by a drunk driver story" just waiting to happen.  i will drive you there and back!

and you will never believe what happened!? their daddy, my husband and team mate, took their side! no way, that goes against all the parenting rules!   after being compared to the goldberg mom and the small venue was only a few minutes away, daddy gave the thumbs up. they would be allowed to drive themselves. 

they promised to call every 30 minutes couple hours.

as they were buckling up, bennett made the comment, "this is so ironic. we had to write a paper just last week on concerts being a good or bad influence on kids." 

and just what do you mean by that?

it never ever occurred to me that alcohol would be served at the concession stand! it surely wasn't at the hannah montana concert or winter jam! until that very moment, it never occurred to me that i might have just bought my kids tickets to a drunken redneck fest!

jeff's comment, "yeah, i was surprised that this was your idea!" 

my comment, "oh, i am so mad at you right now!" ;)

they called a dozen times and made it back safe and sound. on their own, they decided to leave before the concert ended to avoid traffic. because "they were afraid of drunk drivers."

the loved the concert! but on the mom end it was BAD ~ BAD ~ bad idea!

The 1st of May said...

We also LOVE The Goldbergs. I get SO many good laughs...I agree, the mom MAKES it (her words AND clothes)!

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