this time next week a senior/high school chapter will be closed forever. i know, sounds so dramatic ;) football season will have come to an official end. but not without all the fanfare an event could possible encompass. 

our football team is headed to the STATE championship
this saturday night... our nerves are already jittery. 

 the last playoff game sent jeff and i home with barely a voice. it was against a huge rival school and word on the street is this school uses bone breaking aggressive tactics.  bennett shared a story about one of their players being banned from the association for breaking his jaw in two places... and not while the ball was in play. pretty scary stuff.  sportsmanship has been a huge topic in our house this week.  

friday night we were  confident. statistically, this should be an easy win. if every player could just escape unharmed. at the end of the first quarter the score was 0-14. i do not recall ever being down by 14. the look of shock was obvious!
then there was an injury on the field. one of our players. we would learn one of our best players had his arm 'snapped' in half. 'snapped' were the words used. accident? maybe. coincidence? definitely. 
maybe fueled by a little anger... we came back to win.
(my boy getting nasty with number 6 something)
ending score  55-27

there's something about a son, a daddy and football.
the field was spilling over with proud dads! (and mothers)
more catch up pictures... 
football senior day 

the day was jam packed full. the moms took part in a pep rally. the seniors were blindfolded and kissed three times. was it their  teacher, cheerleader or their mom? 

did bennett get them correct? 
oh yeah. 
look at his face in the last one... definitely his favorite.

it pains my heart to think about not seeing my boy every.single.day.
next was a pre-game dinner, slide show and tributes. 
i insisted on a picture with his cool football. 
i promised i wouldn't leave without one (that explains the sweet 'i love you mom' face)
  later that night, as rain fell in buckets there was
a tribute to the senior players and their parents. 
 his cheerleader gave him a rose to present to his mom.
the rain helped disguise all the tears rolling down the faces of every mother.
 honey and papa gene watched from the sidelines!

we love this boy to pieces. football season has been a test for us all. but we wouldn't trade it for anything!

Cheryl said...

Reading this I have tears falling. We raise them up to be strong enough to live without us, and yet it is one of the most difficult times....especially for moms. It seems you are doing an amazing job with your three.

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