it's a wrap!

 {halloween 2013} 
and.... it's a wrap!  three full days of hard core halloween! we played, crafted, filled treat buckets over and over (i personally ate my weight in almond joys and kit-kats), we watched the great pumpkin charlie brown, the weather was perfection, the costumes homemade... 

first up on our spooktacular agenda...the school fall festival.
daddy was out of town, bennett was sticking with football  as an excuse to sit this one out, my sister and her crew were resting up for the two days ahead... so it was the girls and me. they closed the festival down, not wanting to leave until it was o.v.e.r. i worked the skee ball booth and ended up with a whopping ten pictures! thanks ruth for sponsoring the photo-booth... the biggest hit!
next up was our church's fall festival. it is an awesome outreach ministry to the community. there's cotton candy stations, candy apples, kettle corn, snow cones, nachos... 

and that was all before heading out to the parking lot for trunk or treat. our GA's sponsored two spots in honor of the 100 year celebration. 

 some of our sweet GA's an teachers.

some of the youth took over and that was great!
i handed my camera to my sweet former GA (abby) and she took most of the pictures. the trunks were award winning!!

{the smoaks}

my kitty cat~ how have we made it ten long years and not dressed this feline lover as a kitty?!
 one of her toddler bffs!
gogo is a pip-squeak and my girl is a future basketball player! these two go way back!

halloween night... went not one ounce as planned. my very last one with bennett. yes he is man sized, no of course he doesn't dress up. truth be said, he usually whines and moans and picks on everyone and eats their candy... but without him it's just not the same. so on this very last halloween night, he had a (mandatory) football bonfire. which he was all to happy to remind us it was mandatory

then my brother in law (who is never ever sick) got sick. crys spent her halloween night in the ER and her kids at the last minute were divided amongst her in laws and friends. 

halloween without bennett and the smoaks?! 
the happy stripped from happy halloween!

anna katherine who had dressed as minnie mouse, ready to hand out candy to downtown's 2,000 trick-or-treaters, was now dressed like minnie mouse riding on the back of a golf cart with  her parents and little sister... not cool! so not cool. and we heard about it! for two hours! it did tone down when darkness fell and when her daddy threatened to start randomly shouting her full name. teenage girls... gasp/eye roll!

 but they are still the apples of our eye! 
our totally uncool parent eyes.

   a party with her school rockin' out the cool factor! next year we are getting on the parent invite list ;) oh yeah ~ and dressing up as cool parents and dancing the night away.  
goodbye until next year halloween!
Cheryl said...

Such great pictures!!! I haven't posted lately, but I do love following your family!! So much fun. I miss those days!

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