legally allowed

and just like that, our bundle of energy is 
 legally allowed to begin the process of driving. 
this girl was SO nervous! 
she found the neatest $3 ap that allows you to take practice tests. 
afterwards she said the questions were identical.
pretty neat!
 can you guess what she is saying here?
something like, "stop taking pictures!"
 and the picture...
girls worry way more than boys.

 critiquing her picture... which i thought was was great.
 she is already talking cars. which is funny considering the front of our house already looks like a used car lot.
but she is daddy's girl, so he told her to take her pick. 
she can have any car she wants...
as long as it is already parked in our driveway ;)
{she discretely rolled her eyes}

Cheryl said...

Congratulations....such a milestone!!!

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