sky top becomes a big top

a couple weekends ago, my family and my sister's family made our fall trip to my mom's mountain house.

 their cabin sits in a valley right beside the green river. and this place in the peak of fall, to quote, "is God's masterpiece!"  add in your extended family... it was glorious weekend!
a run down of our weekend, because i only pulled out my camera once! {i know~ gasp!}

  •  late mornings in our pj's drinking coffee was the best! my mom makes the best coffee!
  •  the kids enjoyed a never ending camp fire and continuous flow of marshmallows.
  •  bennett went 'off road' with the jeep. giving it a flex (??)
  •  we walked the tiny streets of hendersonville. this town looks like pages from a storybook. we shopped a little.  
  • honey and papa gene cooked for the entire crew. a great big thank you!
  •  we watched the gamecocks win! 
  • and last but not least, we enjoyed a day at sky top apple orchard. this is when i decided to take pictures!

then it was off to the apple orchard... camera ready.
apple cider slushies, yes please!

riding in the wagon... oh yeah!

these guys were making sky top sound more like a big top!

we totally missed the big board of rules on entrance... everyone of course except my lawyer brother in law. he kept saying, "no riding in the wagons." as mary claire would say, we thought he was just being a bossypants! i only realized later it was a rule!

so yes, unfortunately we knowingly and unknowingly broke a few orchard rules. for the record, liza's apple was from the ground. (i think. at least that's our story!)

we love my son's girlfriend! such a sweetheart! 
and the clean cut  jcrew boy in the background is a nice touch!

 speaking of photo-bombing... this has kelly written all over it!
my kids learned the art of photo-bombing from the best!

it was the best of times <3 nbsp="">

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