turkey day

it was the happiest of days! great cooks, family, the fact i do not have to cook and lots of laughter. our family does the hosting, which means we (I) do not do the cooking. .. perfect thanksgiving! except aunt pammie was home sick! 
 my poor sister, with her half dozen kids slaves away in the kitchen all day preparing her entrees!
is that a sticker i spy???
but the super market  her mac and cheese was a hit!
 the weather went cold... as in freezing! here in the south, our skin is thin. we can't handle anything below 60! instead of eating outside under the trees, we moved props and equipment to the driveway and enjoyed our dinner in my studio. liza and anna katherine created the centerpieces!

every year i plan a thankful craft that can be displayed year to year. next thanksgiving i want to make laminated place-mats. i asked everyone to hold a blank chalkboard, write  on paper what they were thankful for and i would transfer in photoshop.

my sister jokingly said, "is this to announce we are having another baby?"
lightbulb moment... it hadn't occurred to me that i had a blank slate for practical jokes! no pun intended!  i am brilliant and didn't even realize it ;)
i disappeared into my office, created the big (fake) announcement and posted on crys' facebook page!
their phones exploded... family from all over were having heart attacks. one person wrote, "the smoaks would now have their own zip code  2902smoak." another said, "the high school just moved to a 4A!" 

and we all exploded into a ball of laughter!
stephen's phone was drained of battery within the hour!
maybe think twice next time i ask you to hold a blank sign! 
and i have everyone in my family holding one... jackpot! :)

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

That is too funny! But, I do love your idea!
The girls made beautiful centerpieces!

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