48 hours

christmas is at the peak of perfection at the graves plantation. we are singing christmas carols,  cuddling up with cups of hot cocoa, watching christmas classics, stringing popcorn, dressing in our finest reds and greens, the elf if off the chain fabulous... and our christmas cards. well they are AMAZING...

Christmas card 2003

are you rolling your eyes?  because that's what i do when i read posts about perfect people! i might be slightly exaggerating! we have baked a batch of semi-edible cookies and drove through a few neighborhoods to look at lights. to be completely honest,  our christmas to do list has more items unchecked than checked! we even opted out of christmas cards for the first time ever. thanksgiving falling late messed me up. here's a few christmas activities that are checked off:

the girls and i baked peanut brittle for teacher gifts
our GA's went caroling at the nursing home. 
man this is so sweet!

 jeff played the guitar, mary claire loves to flip his music. i accidentally printed the lyrics to the hippie version of silent night which made for a good laugh!

  jeff and i then scooted over to the youth room for party number two  party. our youth leader, kevin, has been called to serve at another church. while we are very happy for his family, he is SO missed by these kids.   

for the time being we have a phenomenal interim leader! he threw one heck of a white elephant christmas party!

next up... i was in charge of crafts for mary claire's christmas party. it makes me happy that christianity is welcomed in the classroom! 

mary claire and i spent an afternoon wrapping gifts for a mission program our church sponsor.

here's to the next 48 hours of marathon of christmas memory making!

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