i should have taken an extra couple minutes to tell you about the ambulance phone picture. sorry cathy ;)  a few weeks ago i photographed a dreamy wedding in the country. it was the sweetest bride and groom and every last detail just perfect!

 fifteen minutes before the big send off a groomsman have a lot of fun bumped a (huge) stand up heater. sending it crashing onto a table... full of people!

the sounds was horrific.  like in the movies horrific! people screamed, swarmed the table. a minute later a groomsman with a blood soaked shirt  screamed call 911.  blood was everywhere! my head went light, please, please no fainting with camera in hand.

long story short.  the mother of the groom was burned on the nose and arm. a bridesmaid was  momentarily knocked unconscious and had a hefty gash to the head.  head wounds of any kind bleed like crazy and i swear this wound seemed to never stop.

the ambulance came.
and all was well.
the bride and groom have a wedding story to share for years to come!

the very same day bennett's car quit in the driveway. he lost his gas cap several weeks earlier. jeff told that boy a dozen times to "get a new $5 gas cap." eighteen years old with so many important things to do,  he never bought the cap. water in the fuel something ??? that something to replace was in the four digits. need i describe his father's reaction? ;)
CathyMA said...

OmGosh! that is the BEST/WORST wedding story I think I have ever heard!!! Did she get blood on her dress??????? I hope not! Please tell me you will include the ambulance shot somewhere in the wedding album….generations will forever ask about it…..

Ouch, your poor iPad, and yikes to your son!

Thanks for the explanation!! :)

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

I'm with the comment above, that photo of the ambulance must be included in the album!
Your son sounds so much like mine! :)

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