my family

sunday was christmas with my family. it is the biggest blessing to have a family where everyone, all the time gets along. really! except a few cousin fist fights now and then, it is harmony! that goes for jeff and stephen's family too! the greatest blessing!

 last night i would be willing to bet my sister's house was  the loudest house in town! my mom prepared a fabulous dinner ~ as usual. it was a scorching 80 degrees so we enjoyed dinner outside... in shorts! cause we're fancy that way ;)

 i discourage my children from posting about gifts on social media. not that they are overly privileged, because i guarantee it would appear the opposite. there's a fine line in bragging and bragging is tackybut i need to mention a few gifts that were ginormous hits! 

honey had been on a waiting list for this fancy hair curling machine. plug it in, insert your hair, it sucks it up, guarantees not to burn it off,  steams, beeps... and out comes perfect ringlets. anna katherine was over the moon! every female left the party with a curl or two!

and evie's little zooming rabbit. i wish i knew the name and brand!  she wouldn't step foot off or let anyone touch it! 
"my rabbit!"
pretty darn cute!
roger loves all things boy! which warms my husbands heart.
just like bennett back in the day!
he also spent the entire evening with one shoe on and one shoe off!

jeff will not feel loved unless he can fix something for you! 
love this man!
on to the white elephant gift exchange.
the volume goes up several decibels! 
the kids LOVE it!
i scored BIG time! the heisenberg t-shirt was from my sister. while buying it in the mall a man stopped crys to say how addicting the series can be. 
have you seen it? i am almost done!
two more days!
merry christmas!
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