Tuesday, December 3, 2013

not too much

happy tuesday. what up around here besides work and school? not too much. once in a blue moon i get hooked on a television series. thanks to my sister, this go around it's bad. breaking bad. have you seen it? move over downton abbey, this is intense television! and talk about a brilliant story line that's as addicting as the methamphetamines it's peddling!  all 58 episodes are on netflix. today it was too cold to run outside, so i wired myself to ak's iPad and hopped on the treadmill. thanks to our lousy backwoods internet and all the buffering, i got an 1.40 minute workout and finished season two! 

now for a phone dump that has been long and coming!


CathyMA said...

An ambulance?! what?! That one needs an explanation.

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

We picked a tag off the angel tree at church last weekend! I need to get busy and get my gift together!

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