state champs

another weekend of great football games. our state's rivalry  game was saturday. we are happy our team won. (the team/school in which members of our family graduated.) ya know one of my biggest, most ridiculously shallow pet peeve is fanatical fans of schools with no affiliation. shallow, i know. ;) 

forget clemson and carolina, our BIG game was last week.
 wilson hall verses hammond in the state championship. 
and we won! not an easy win, the other team was super talented too. which makes for an intense game.

it was a full day of festivities. 
this team received super star treatment for an entire week!
the town/student body came out for a big NFL send off.

the game was a nail biter! 
 jeff and i did not have a voice for several days.

ending the year as state champions!
an exhausting football season is now a wrap!

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