in my last post, i was SO joking about the 500 calorie liquid diet! darn winkie face ~ i forgot him! i consume 500 calories in my morning coffee creamer, so that would never happen. i am leaning more towards the breaking bad diet method! ;) JUST KIDDING ~ insert a dozen winkies! 

bennett's christmas gift to me was the final season (which is not on netflix) of breaking bad. we finally finished! jeff and i were fascinated with this show. i cannot tell you how many conversations we have had about it's perspective on the consequences of sin. so many that our kids (who do not watch) have said enough about walter and jesse! we finished feeling unlike many shows, it did not glorify sin, but instead show it's devastating chain reaction consequences. i read this article comparing breaking bad to a christian parable. 

the last couple of weeks seem like a blur. family and friends were in town. i tried my very best to cram as many  fun and crafty things in before christmas. mid-term exams! the days after christmas tend to be some of my favorite days of the year. december 26, our little family leaves the grid. we have burned two tanks of gas for the fire, eaten our way into a sugar coma, watched mindless tv, taken bike rides... just enjoyed a break. it's been glorious!
 today is the first day back in my office and i must say it feels nice! so here's my lame attempt to catch up the last few days. (a mix of iPhone and camera pictures)

kelly was in town. she hosted an art safari party.
they are as fun as they look. 

molly mittenbritches made a trip to the vet's office.
she had her noodles removed.  ;)

the vet declawed a few of her extra toes that do not retract. 
she returned home sporting the cutest cast.

we spent a day shopping. 
thieves market in florence is the coolest place!
JUSTICE, that store makes my head spin. thank goodness for our school's dress code. which makes it easier to say no. but this kitty shirt... so tacky it's fabulous! i wish they had her size!
i have a few more christmas pictures and that's it! 
pretty lame photo-journaling, i know. 
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