cat mommy dearest

 a mild infection from molly's spay sent us back to the vet's office. gotta love vet bills two weeks after christmas ;) like all other visits, i envisioned being in and out within minutes. well it must be flu season for dogs because the office was full! like 5 dogs and their mothers. 

have i ever mentioned how much i dislike being called my pet's mother? "are you molly's mother?" i so desperately want to say, "no. her mother is a cat and i am a human." but i nod. yes, i am female and pay the bill so i guess that makes me her mother.

anyway. did we bring molly in a cat carrier? did we learn our lesson from last time? obviously not. a dog mother looked down her nose and made the comment, "i couldn't imagine bringing a cat in here without a carrier." i wanted so desperately to say, "well i couldn't imagine never washing my dog." snarky cat mother that i am! but really, what were we thinking not bringing this cat in a carrier? we ended up zipping molly up in mary claire's coat with her head poking out. an impromptu cat sling/hugging blanket. the wait was only about thirty-ish minutes... of bloody torture. we have the claw marks to prove it.

 they sent us home with an antibiotic. and who gives all the medicine in the house? the mother. adding the medicine to her food was a no go. so after three days of holding her down, clamping her jaws shut and blowing in her face, she hated me. hated me! yeah, probably not the most loving way to administer medicine. by day four, molly would not come near me. 

my son's girlfriend is an animal lover. and the only person in our house that hesitates to tell me no.  "elizabeth, have you ever given a cat medicine?" loaded question. "yes mam." jackpot! "would you mind giving molly her medicine?" as expected, "yes mam."

i grabbed my camera expecting the same mouth foaming, fight for you life reaction.

elizabeth talked to her. patted her head. and the darn cat licked it up! it was pretty amazing. 

just call me a cat mommy dearestelizabeth will give her the rest of her medicine. happy weekend blog friends!

Cheryl said...

I just caught up on your posts... your writing simply cracks me up!!! I do think we might be friends if I lived closer!

I hope the CAT is getting better!!


CathyMA said...


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