today is our boy's eighteenth birthday. surreal. everything these days seem so sentimental. so i am just going to say happy birthday to the best son a mother and father could ever ask for! the day you were born was the single happiest day of our lives. it was the day we became parents. and we started our brood with a bonafide trail blazer!

now you can legally vote republican. 
with the exception of vincent sheheen of course! woo-hoo!

and legally buy chewing tobacco. but remember, eighteen also means your parents can legally require you to pay all of your bills and require you to live elsewhere ;) so don't even think about it! iphones are expensive and apartments don't come with cleaning ladies and stocked refrigerators. just a loving reminder. muah! we love you sweet, delicious boy! (a goldberg term i adopted!)

and the birthday cake... oh the delicious cake! it is a texas sheet cake and it is to die for! recipe here

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