official decision

the tear inducing reality is getting closer and closer. college is months away. but today, i am so happy to announce that our son is no longer ‘undecided.’ after months of asking God to lead and guide our son, after months of worry and baskets of paper work... and after the pre-knob weekend, bennett made his decision.

we are ecstatic! his choice is not all that surprising. for years he has collected citadel paraphernalia. this was always his first choice!  

  our path to the final decision making process has not been without headache and worry.  this is our first college bound child and everything is new. even with the best of help from our college counselor, the process at times felt overwhelming. but every bump we knew this was a part of God’s plan. 

the citadel was also our first choice for bennett. we felt he would benefit a hundred times over in a military
environment. we had our plan, but we wanted His plan. so jeff and i prayed and prayed that our boy be led to the college that was right for him. our plan isn’t always His plan.  our prayer was always to surrender this decision to Him. 
and we have been taught so much along the way. 

so today we are so happy that college phase one is behind us. we celebrated when bennett signed on the dotted line... and we wrote a check :)  he was a good sport to pose  for this picture. i know it may be a tad embarrassing to smile in the camera while wearing a school hoodie, balloons, cake and rubber-band bracelet (compliments of mary claire.) but the females in the house were quite excited! 

 we know God has something good in store for this boy.

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Yea for Bennett!
I remember when those first acceptance letters came in and my eyes were teary and my heart was bursting! These last few months will be a roller coaster for you...
~Hugs sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

The first few months are the hardest-it gets easier but, you never stop missing their presence in the house. Lots of tears will flow but knowing that God is directing their way is so very comforting. Enjoy the journey:)
Linda Marsh

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