christmas in july

how out of season is this! it's like hearing christmas music in july. yesterday the snow was falling outside my office window and i carved out office time to comb through my blog 'drafts.' that's when i upload pictures, maybe write a few things and then the post just sits there. i usually forget they even exist. before i deleted over half, i had 55 drafts in my box. my excuse is life and work ;) and forgetfulness. i also realized when pictures sit in a draft... just like milk and bread they go bad. the pictures 'pixelate.'  (???) i must google why this happens.   
even though the images are small and pixelated and this is driving me nuts, i could not believe i allowed this sweet set of anna katherine from the keys to go stale. she had a new lilly dress... a month's worth of babysitting money. it was a glorious day, probably 90 degrees. we drove farther south towards key west to the prettiest state park. 

 man i love this girl. 
and this place.

enough summer dreaming! we are in the midst of an ice storm.i love summer, but i refuse to wish away a minute of time. it goes by too fast as it is. so we're loving the slow cold day, all stuck inside. we are catching up on laundry and praying that the power stays on. summer will be here soon enough.

Cheryl said...

oh my gosh.... so darling! At 28, it's been quite a few years since mine has worn a lilly dress. She got a job at a clothing store so she would get a discount on them. I do believe they might have just gone to Big Brother/Big Sister of RI!!! I didn't have the courage to ask.... After years of trying to have her go through her closet with me, she insisted on doing it herself.
I am cringing to think about it...

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