first sew

another tuesday waiting on snow! this time the forecast is predicting an ice storm

the last tuesday we anxiously awaited a blizzard, mary claire (according to her) was bored out of her mind! she had been begging me for months to 'sew on her own.' 
i used her 'all by myself' to it's full advantage. 
i gave her a few instructions, an iron, a box of pins and a triangle template. i prepared to untangle and re-thread a few times.
off she went.
 slowly and carefully.
it turned out great! far from perfect. there were snags, a few clumps of thread and a couple pennants with the edges hanging off. but for her very first sewing project, it got an A+ from mom! and i did not have to fix the sewing machine once! 

since then, girlfriend has gone to town making pennants!
Cheryl said...

She is such a cutie!!!!!

Sam Hunter said...

awesome job! give her aprons next! they are great for beginners!

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